The Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Adopt-A-Family Program was created to help subsidize a family’s stay,
allowing us to serve as many families as possible each year. You can “Adopt-A-Family” with a contribution of $110
for one night. Your donation of $990 will support a family for the average length of stay – nine nights.

Family Contribution: $20 Per Night


While the actual cost associated with housing and support services provided by the two Houses is close to $111 per night, the requested contribution from each family is only $20 per night for a room or $30 per night for a transplant suite.

Approximately 60 percent of families are unable to make any contribution toward their stay — be it the requested amount or even $1 for their entire stay.

Average Stay: Nine Nights


Although the average stay is nine nights, many families stay for weeks or months. Families save, on average, $180 per night or nearly $1,620 per nine-night stay. For the 2,203 families we served in 2017, that was a total savings of about $3.5 million.

Families who have been devastated with medical bills and other expenses often cannot afford even a small contribution for an extended period — and families are never turned away based upon financial hardship.

To adopt a family or learn more, contact Katie Thompson database coordinator, at 678.704.8082.