No one person or company is able to fund our programs alone and we rely on the support of our community to keep our doors open. Thanks to the profound support of many compassionate organizations and individuals in the community, we are able to provide a beacon of hope to so many families in their time of need.

Meet some of our partners:

Hearts of Gold

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Q. Ball III
Nancy Barnes
Helen and Jimmy Carlos
John Cleveland
The Joshua J. Crawford Family Fund
Beth and Bob Howell
Stephanie and Michael McDonald
Linda and John Melton
Edward and Patricia Stowers

Hearts of Courage

Cathy and Robert Butler
Don and Beverly Chapman
Amy and Tom DeGoey
Diane and David Hamilton
Richard L. Mason
Rebecca Moon
Mary Parsons
Katie and Akash Patel
Charles and Camerance Rothschild
Becky and Jack Sharp
Wendy Smith
Rose Mary and Donald Weber

Hands of Compassion

Donna and David Brown
Chris and Jeff Cashman
Meg and John R. Christian
Hannah and Tripp Crosby
Tara and Rich DeAugustinis
Robert and Linda Fenner
Lynn and Todd Hawkins
Lane and Clark Howard
Vickie and Tom Kirbo
Christopher and Stephanie Marinac
Elizabeth and Scott Miller
Julie and David Porter
Beverly and Richard L. Sparkmon
Pam Storm and Morgan Wurst
Kathy Waller
Ann and Bob Ward
David Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Webster
Dawn and Wyatt Whaley

Hands of Hope

Anonymous (7)
Adam and LynnAnn Agnew
Betty Anderson
Anna and Douglas Armistead
Karen and Jim Bailey
Janet and Bryan Barnard
Lisa Bishop
Eric and Sandra Blanchard
Rebecca Bolden
Nichole and Jim Bond in honor of Mallory Bond
Donna and Larry Bradner
James and JoAnn Bria
Brenda and Douglas Bridges in memory of Ben Bridges
Robert Brown
Lynn Bullard and Curt Kennedy
Janet and Clay Bunch
Kim and Brian Burns
Darren and Bethany Butler
Carol Calbert
Linda and Charles Cole
Jennifer and Brian Costlow
Catherine, Bruce and Max Curtiss
Jane and Jarrett Davis
Bill and Becky Donahue
Ashley and Ryan Edmonds
Kristi and Ryan Elwart
Michael and Sharna Epstein
Sherry and Vince Farrugia
Donald and Laura Flinn
Tamara and Mark Furlet
Sandra and Scott Gardner
Marc Ghirardi
Mark and Jennifer Gibson
Marty and John Gillin
Timothy Godby
Dolores and Javier C. Goizueta
Jonathan Goodin
Julie and Chris Hall
Tom Hamil
Ashley and Kora in memory of Karen Thoms Hancock
Jonathan and Kathy Harper
Richard and Lafonda Harrison
Kathleen Hay
Susan Healy
Brennan Hendrick
Brenda and Brian Hennessey
Hindman Family Charitable Trust
Melanie and Steve Hollis
Grace and Jeff Huang
Shiroleen and John Hurt
The Virginia Bradley Irby Fund
Betty Lou Jarrett

William Jonas
Andy and Nicole Jung
Sandi and Philip Karl
Vikas Kumar
Carrie and Brian Kurlander
Rita Lance
Melissa and David Lerner
Miriam and Ray Lewis
Carolyn and Jeff Littlefield
Derek and Jeremy Littlefield
Margaret and John Long
R. Charles Loudermilk
Kimberly and Scott Magyar
Suzanne and Mike Masters
Dotty and James McDaniel
Brooke and Matt McKillop
Amelia and Nate Medina
Nancy and Michael Millett
Matthew Morgan
Wallis Ronchetti-Morris and Brooks Morris
Clay and Kim Nalley
Sandra Noble
Ashley and Derek Norred
Mr. and Mrs. John Hill O’Neal, Jr.
Janice and C.V. Oreal
Kjirsten Osvold
Marco Palmieri
Robert Peterman
Theresa and Gabriel Picone
Lisa and Carl Pilger
Muriel and Richard Powell
The Preede Foundation
Naomi Quale
Jan and Tony Raffa
Allison and Matthew Richardson
Anne and Michael Rieger
David Rivers
Gerald Scheinman
D. Brian Shortell
Kathryne and David Siegel
Kathryn and Jay Simms
Sharlene Smith
Beverly Swift
Bob and Wanda Swoszowski
Sherry and John Tamasi
Michelle and Greg Thigpen
Elizabeth and Michael Thompson
Cathy and Jeff Tucker
Karen and Marvin Whaley
Todd Wickliffe, in honor of Isabel Wickliffe and Richard Wickliffe
Gloria and Craig Williams
Jeff and Heather Williams
Paula and Bruce Williamson
Kristen and Cliff Willimon
Dianne, Jack, John and Madison Willis