The Red Shoe Society is open to young professionals in the Atlanta area who seek to lend a helping hand in meeting the needs of the nearly 3,000 families served by our Houses annually.

The Red Shoe Society serves to:

  • Support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children through volunteering
  • Raise awareness and funds for the ARMHC through various events and initiatives throughout the year

We are accepting new and renewing members for 2020. Membership costs are $50 for one year. For questions regarding Red Shoe Society membership, contact Rachel Kendall Special Events Coordinator.

Meet the 2020 Executive Committee

  • President: Kendell Miller
  • Vice President: Ashley DaCosta
  • Volunteering: Angel Glover
  • Social: Alex Miller
  • Membership: Amanda Guthrie
  • Fundraising: Lindsay Wilson
  • Marketing: Sarah Jessup
  • ARMHC Liaison: Rachel Emrich

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