Share a Night and Help Our Families!

Families are asked to contribute $20 per night, but many families cannot afford that amount.
Our average room donation is $5 while it costs $125 per night to operate each guest room.

Your gift will help families stay together and close to the care they need when they have a sick child.

Chase Brown

2 Nights $40

Helps Chase and his mom stay 2 nights for his advanced robotics therapy sessions.

Tucker Roman

4 Nights $80

Helps Roman and his family stay in Atlanta for his chemotherapy treatments.

Kendyl Moon

6 Nights $120

Helps Kendyl and her family stay 6 nights for her advanced robotics therapy sessions.

Conor Gentry

8 Nights $160

Helps Conor and his family stay close to the medical treatment he needs when he is sick.

Jazzlynn and older sister, Ja'liyah,

10 Nights $200

Helps Jazzlynn, sister Ja’liyah and their mom stay 10 nights while she is treated at Scottish Rite.

The Nobilitts

20 Nights $400

Helps Brandon and his family stay close to the specialized treatment he needs.

Our Goal: $20,000

Help us raise $20,000 to help ease the financial burden of families when it matters most.