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The Fondest Farewell: Thank You for Your Leadership and Service

Beth Howell

Thank you for helping us thank Beth Howell for the dedication and passion she has brought to Atlanta RMHC and the families we serve for 10 years. We wish her well on in her retirement and this exciting next chapter for her and her family!

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  • Beth,

    Thank you for 10 amazing years of service in keeping families close to one another and the medical care their children need. Under your leadership we have increased our capacity to serve families by 60 percent, by:

    • Completing the $18.5 million capital campaign to rebuild the Ronald McDonald House near Scottish Rite
    • Creating a local impact, with the launch of the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, a 40-foot mobile clinic delivering primary and asthma care to underserved communities to provide children equitable access to care
    • Opening the Ronald McDonald Family Room within Scottish Rite in 2017 to provide families battling cancer with a quiet escape from the hospital setting
    • Helping bring countless smiles to our families through our Chief Happiness Officer and certified therapy dog, Betty Lou
    • Leading our A New World of Care Capital Campaign for the new North Druid House to ensure more families have access to needed healthcare

    Thank you for your dedicated leadership!

    The Atlanta RMHC team

    From Atlanta RMHC Team
  • Georgia (the dog) and I have gotten to know Ronald McDonald house by volunteering with Happy Tails at the facility at Eggleston and have been thrilled to have the privilege of being associated with such a first class facility

    From John Thomas
  • Beth,
    Congratulations on your retirement and congratulations on making a true difference throughout years of helping children and families in need.
    A special thank you for welcoming me at the Atlanta RMHC and for taking the chapter to being one of the best, if not the best in the world under your leadership.
    I hope that you will take the time to rest, and travel the world. If your travels take you to my part of the world, i will be delighted to welcoming you there. Congratulations again.

    2022 Coke Toast with Gilles and Beth

  • Congratulations, Beth, on your well deserved retirement! You have contributed so much to Atlanta RMHC and helped so many families through difficult and challenging times, yet you have always maintained a smile and calm, kind presence. I thank you deeply for your steady leadership, especially through COVID and the planning for the new House. I hope you all enjoy great travels and connections with friends and family in the coming years.

    From Ken Kupke
  • Beth, thank you for the amazing leadership you have provided to everyone who has worked with you.  The impact you have left in the form of the Houses, Care Mobile, Family Rooms and programs will continue to benefit the children and family for generations to come.  It’s truly been an honor to work with you as a Board Member and Chair for the last 8 years.  You have certainly “earned” your retirement and look forward to hearing about all your new adventures.  I know that this won’t be good bye but see you at the next Atlanta RMHC event!

    Grace and Beth at the 2022 Gala

    From Grace Huang
  • Beth:   You stepped into RMHC at a challenging time after Linda Morris’ untimely death with such grace and love for the mission.  You have been a good friend and colleague and it has been an honor to know and work together.  I’ll always cherish our road trip with Bonnie and Martin to Savannah.  I wish you much happiness as you start this next chapter of your life.  Retirement is really fun!   Please know you have touched so many lives, mine included.  Love, Jane Kaylor

    From Jane Kaylor
  • Beth,
    Congratulations on your Retirement!
    Thank you for the tireless work you have done for ARMHC.
    Your dedication and perseverance is leaving the charity set to meet the needs of the children and their families, that can always use and appreciate our charity.
    My wish for you is to be proud of the work you’ve done, the legacy you’re leaving and the future you’re creating. Wishing you the happiest retirement and Salud!

    From Marietta and Orestes J Rodriguez
  • Thank you for advancing the mission and advocating on behalf of ARMHC the last 1o years. Your leadership left a positive mark and wish you the best in your next chapter.

    From Wylly Harrison
  • Congratulations to you Beth, both on your upcoming retirement and all you have accomplished in your tenure with ARMHC! It has been a privilege and a pleasure serving on the Board of Directors with you.

    From Baron D Jordan
  • Hi Beth — Congratulations on a wonderful and impactful career leading Atlanta RMHC.  It has been an honor and pleasure working with you, first from my position at TMD, and most recently as a board member.  The impact you have had on the staff, board members and most importantly the kids and their families has been nothing short of phenomenal.  You have certainly continued and built on the legacy of wonderful leaders of ARMHC.  Time to enjoy your well deserved next chapter.  Wishing you all the best.

    From Steven Simmons
  • Beth — Thank you for all you’ve given to this organization and those that needed Atlanta RMHC’s support. You’re a fantastic leader and major reason why I wanted to join the board and become more involved at Atlanta RMHC. While I will greatly miss working with you, I truly hope you have a wonderful retirement.

    From Cory Stewart
  • Beth, Your leadership has been evident at every turn.  Your legacy of innovation coupled with strategic thinking will serve RMHC for many years to come!  Congrats on your well-deserved retirement.  I’m glad our friendship will continue through our work at Rotary!


    Beth HOwell at Rotary Club

    From Matthew Pieper
  • Beth — Thank you for all you have done for me, the House, and the families we’ve served. You have always been such a bright light, and I am thankful to have met you! I hope you enjoy your well-deserved retirement!


    From Meredith Gray
  • Beth — Best Wishes for your well deserved retirement!!! Thank you so much for all you have done in your 10 years with RMH! Your heart must feel so fulfilled in knowing that so many lives were changed under your guidance!

    From Deborah D Gallup
  • Beth, your passion to help families get access to the best possible healthcare for their children has led to so many incredible programs to increase capacity over the last 10 years.   Your focus on continuous improvement is unmatched.   I had the opportunity to work closely with you during the pandemic and your ability to consistently pivot to find ways to serve families and keep your team motivated and inspired was best in class.   You and Bob will enjoy living your best life during retirement.   Congratulations!   Karen and Jim Bailey


    Karen Bailey, The Carloses and Beth Howell

    From Karen and Jim Bailey
  • Beth, thank you for your great leadership. I feel fortunate that I was a participant for every one of your years. Your leadership was second to none and the staff you are leaving is the best of the best! Looking forward to seeing you in the future.
    Mr. Tom


    Mr. Tom and Beth Howell

    From tom umstead
  • Congratulations🙏🏾❤️

    From Yolanda Askew
  • Thank you so much for your energy and leadership these past years and for the opportunities you’ve provided for me to be a part of this journey. Your dedication and work have touched so many. Wishing you the very best ahead – you will be missed! – Jim

    From Jim Bria
  • Beth,  you have been such a blessing to the Ronald McDonald House.  I have really enjoyed cooking and serving meals at the beautiful Atlanta RMHC Houses  that have been built under your leadership.  Enjoy your retirement!

    From Maggi O’Brien
  • Happy Retirement, Beth! You deserve all the best during this next phase of your life. I enjoyed working with you so much and am inspired by your dedication, drive,  and compassion. I loved being greeted by you and Betty Lou each morning. You have done so much for the families  and staff at ARMHC and your contributions will be long lasting in the community.

    From Stephanie Turner
  • Congratulations on your retirement and thank you so much for all your hard work. We just started staying with you guys this year at the Gatewood House and I literally don’t know what I would have done without the house, you, your husband, and Betty Lou! My daughter especially struggled leaving our golden retriever at home so Betty Lou made a big difference in her emotional health. Best wishes going forward and I hope you get to just have fun!


    Betty Lou

    From Melanie Register McGinnis
  • Dear Beth,

    Words can’t express the admiration I have for you. Your leadership and vision has propelled the Atlanta RMHC to new heights and provided a safe haven for so many of our families. In your honor we will move forward, but make no mistake – you cannot be replaced. Your legacy will live on well past your retirement.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    With Love and Respect,

    Sherry Farrugia

    From Sherry Nobles Farrugia
  • Beth, I am so grateful to have been your first hire at Atlanta RMHC!  It has been incredibly rewarding to work alongside you in service to children and families. Your passionate leadership and commitment to our mission have transformed thousands of lives. Thank you and best wishes as you embark on this well-deserved next chapter.  We will miss you!


    Beth and Marissa and the planned giving folk

    From Marissa Greider
  • Celebrating the Legacy of Beth Howell – A Remarkable Leader and Visionary:

    Dear Reader,

    I hope this message finds you well. Today, I want to take a moment to commemorate a remarkable individual whose impact has been profound in the lives of many – Beth Howell, the President & CEO of Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities.

    As Beth steps into retirement after 10 years of dedicated service, it’s essential to recognize her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to our organization. Throughout her tenure, Beth has illuminated our path forward with determination and vision, leaving behind an indelible legacy.

    Under her guidance, Atlanta RMHC underwent transformative growth, from completing an $18.5 million capital campaign to rebuild the Ronald McDonald House near Scottish Rite, to launching the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile in 2016, delivering crucial healthcare to underserved communities. She also spearheaded the creation of the Ronald McDonald Family Room within Scottish Rite, providing a peaceful escape for families with children battling cancer.

    Beyond her professional achievements, Beth’s love for animals brought joy to countless families through our beloved Chief Happiness Officer, Betty Lou, a certified therapy dog.

    Her steadfast dedication to pediatric healthcare has opened doors for more families to access essential medical care, focusing on their child’s well-being throughout their medical journey. The impact of her leadership will continue through the New World of Care Campaign, ensuring even more families receive the support they need.

    As we bid farewell to Beth, I invite you to join us in congratulating her on a career marked by compassion, innovation, and tireless advocacy for those in need. In her honor, let us come together to adopt a family staying with us and make a difference in their lives during this challenging time.

    Beth Howell, we are forever grateful for your contributions and the path you have paved for our organization. Your legacy will continue to shine brightly, inspiring us to reach even greater heights in our mission to provide comfort, hope, and healing to families in need.

    Please leave a note of congratulations for Beth and consider adopting a family as a tribute to her remarkable tenure.

    With heartfelt gratitude and warm wishes,

    Rodrick R. Perkins, CPA, MAcc
    Chief Executive Officer
    Life Audit LLC

    From Rodrick R Perkins, CPA, MAcc
  • Beth,
    Want to thank you for all of your support throughout my years here and your dedication to ARMHC!  Your warm presence and smile will be missed.  I wish you, Bob and of course Betty Lou all the best! I’m sure this next chapter in your life will be full of adventure and fun travels.  Enjoy!


    Beth and Sherma

    From Sherma Brooks
  • Congratulations Beth! Even though I have been with Atlanta RMHC a short time, you always made me feel welcome! Thank you so much for all you have done with the charity! You will be missed!

    From Kelsey Wyman
  • Hi Beth,

    Thank you for the opportunity to partner with Atlanta RMHC to launch a Ronald McDonald Care Mobile in metro Atlanta.  I hope you always remember how you led the way to create access to primary care and asthma care for underserved kids where they live, work and play — via a 40-foot-long doctor’s office on wheels!  It has been an amazing journey and you have been an absolute pleasure to work with.  I wish you the best in your retirement. See you around!


    From Julia H Jones
  • Beth — it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you over the past several years. What an incredible legacy you leave ARMHC and the many families the organization will serve for many years to come! Congratulations on your retirement. You will be missed!

    From Chris Chelette
  • There are not enough words to make people understand what Beth has meant to our family during our medical journey. While our hearts are broken that she is leaving, they are full of love because she came into our lives.


    Esel family

    From The Edsel Family
  • Beth, Thank you for leading ARMHC to new heights and for serving so many families in need.  You have provided a home, food and love to people when they needed it most.  We at Children’s are exceedingly proud of you. You made a big difference at Children’s for many years and you continued your impact through your successful leadership at ARMHC.  We treasure you and wish you the very best in your much deserved retirement.   With lots of love, Donna


    Donna Hyland and Beth Howell

    From Donna Hyland
  • Beth- Congratulations on your well-earned retirement!  I wish you all the best in wherever your journey takes you.  Know that your amazing legacy lives on with all the people that you have mentored and impacted in such a wonderful way.  Enjoy!


    Sandy Mencher and Grace Huang

    From Sandy Mencher
  • Beth,
    I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for children and families across the state and region, through Ronald McDonald House, and way back in the day with us at Children’s! You have made an incredible difference and leave a remarkable legacy. Enjoy fully the next season of life with Bob! With warmest regards, Jim

    From Jim Fortenberry MD
  • Dear Beth, what a privilege to have worked alongside you during your ARMHC tenure.  Your vision for the Charity, and where you have taken us these last 10 years has been incredible.  Thank you for your leadership and friendship on the journey.  It has been a pleasure!  Love, Kimberly


    2024 Golf Classic with Ronald

    From Kimberly Nuckols
  • Hi Beth,
    I so enjoyed working with you when you were here in Children’s-Emory world! I wish you the best as you move to retirement. Have a blast with Bob and enjoy the adventures ahead of you!

    From Liz McCarty
  • Beth, I hope as you read all the memories and well wishes from those posted along with the calls, messages and individual conversations by the people you’ve been on this journey with, you begin to understand our deepest appreciation for ALL YOU’VE DONE!  You’ve served with a passion, purpose, and, importantly, personal conviction for making sure to care for the children and families needing ARMHC’s service the most.  You’ve put ARMHC on the path to serving even more in the future through its growth plans so your legacy will continue to support those you have not yet met.  On behalf of myself and everyone at The Coca-Cola Company who have had the honor of meeting and working with you, enjoy this next chapter as you’ve earned it!


    From Pat Belinski
  • Beth,
    Thank you for the kindness and leadership for the past year that I have been part of the Charity. Enjoy the next chapter of your life and all the adventures you will be going on!

    From Drew Bryant
  • Beth,

    Thank you for your remarkable leadership throughout your ARMHC career.  The charity has done so much great work for so many children and their families every day.  Your vision and leadership, supported by your great team, and the many terrific charity supports, has allowed the charity to further grow our reach into helping children heal while supporting their families through a variety of channels including our houses, the Care Mobile, Family Rooms at the hospitals, and not to forget, Betty Lou.  Thanks for everything.  God speed!


    MarK Gibson and Beth Howell

    From Mark Gibson
  • Beth,
    Thank you for your kindness and strong leadership shown since we’ve met. I hope you enjoy this next phase of life to the fullest, and look forward to seeing you and Betty when you are at PDH to visit.

    Best Wishes!

    From LaTreva Adams
  • Congratulations Beth on your Well Deserved Retirement as Shiroleen & I say thank you very much for the dedication, commitment, and perseverance in leading the RMHC of Atlanta to be the Premier Organization that has endured for many years. We will miss your gentle smile and warm personality that will be cherished by us all and knowing that your love for the Families and children served by the Atlanta RMHC will always be graciously remembered.


    Shirleen and John Hurt

    From John Hurt
  • Beth,
    Congratulations on your retirement. While I’ve only been here for a year, it is clear that all you have accomplished over the last decade does and will continue to shine and impact the lives of those serving and being served here at ARMHC.  There is no other job I’ve had in 40 years that rises to the purpose in which we all serve.  Thank you for the opportunity.  All the Best to you, Bob and Betty!


    From Jeffrey Freehof
  • Beth, I am so fortunate to have joined the Board under your leadership.  You are an amazing selfless, leader who has taken ARMH to new heights.  Your passion is contagious.  You welcomed me on Board and encouraged me to get involved. We promise to continue to make you proud. Don’t be a stranger.
    All the best, Rena Holland


    Rena Holland and the 2022 Handbag Committee

    From Rena Holland
  • Beth,
    Words cannot describe what a pleasure it has been working with you on such an incredible mission! Your love and leadership for ARMHC has led to so many wonderful things.  Your kindness and sweet smile can put anyone who meets you at ease.  It won’t be the same without you, but wishing you & Bob a beautiful  retirement journey!
    Helen S Carlos


    Beth Howell with Jimmy and Helen Carlos

    From Helen S Carlos
  • Beth, thank you so much for all you have done for ARMHC. It was such a pleasure to have worked with you and Betty this past year. The work you’ve done has made such an impact in many families lives, and you will be missed! Enjoy retirement!


    From Blakely Willard
  • Beth.. I haven’t known you for as long as some of the others here, but it’s clear that you’re a  true leader. From the beginning you’ve shown nothing short of kindness, empathy, integrity, hard work and so many more amazing qualities. Thanks for giving me, the advisory council and the organization your full focus. You will be missed!  -Eric

    From Eric Josovitz
  • Thank you Beth for leading our team to greatness, we will miss you dearly!  I hope this next chapter is everything you imagined it will be, hope to see you around the houses!


    Jamesse Webb

    From Jamesse Webb
  • Beth,

    THANK YOU! The incredible impact you have had on Atlanta RMHC will be felt for decades and decades to come. The organization is stronger, bigger, more impactful and much better off because of your dedicated leadership over the last 10+ years. It has been my absolute pleasure serving alongside you and an incredibly positive and rewarding experience because I, as a board member, always knew the Organization was in the best and most capable hands. You will be missed in every aspect of Atlanta RMHC’s mission and work, but we are so happy for you and the retirement years with your family that you’ve well-earned. Please stay in touch and I hope we will see you at ARMHC functions in the future. Congratulations and job (better than) well done!


    Beth Howell and Brian Fuller with John Christian, Caroline Bieland, Corey Stewart

    From Brian Fuller
  • Beth – thank you for ALL you have done for ARMHC! Thank you for taking the leap of faith when you made that move from CHOA to ARMHC. You are a bright star.

    From Jeff Wansley
  • Beth!
    You are an amazing person and you have done an amazing job @ ARMHC. What a wonderful leap of faith you took when you left CHOA for the charity. Thank you for making that leap for all you have done to make the lives of so many families so much better. You have been such a pleasure to work with as a former board member and now Hearts & Hands member. We are all excited for you and Bob as you start your next chapter. Wishing you all the best!! Jeff Wansley & Family.

    From Jeff Wansley
  • Beth – Thank you for leading the charity through such an important chapter of growth and change. You stepped into incredibly large shoes and made it look easy! The charity’s impact today reaches so much further today than when you joined, thank you for being an amazing steward of ARMHC! We wish you and Bob a fantastic retirement. – Shannon and Tyler Courtney

    From Tyler Courtney
  • Beth, thank you for mentoring me and for sharing your immense love for and dedication to the families and mission of ARMHC. You are an inspiring leader and it has been a pleasure and privilege to get to know you.

    From Adina Rudisch
  • Beth, you have been an amazing leader. Thank you for all you have done for the charity, you will be missed.  Betty Lou will be missed as well, I will make sure we keep peanut butter on hand for her if she visits. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve it!  


    Kattie Williams and team

    From Kattie Williams
  • My daughter and I have met Beth on multiple occasions during our stay at The House and she is always warm, kind, and inviting. Thank you for all you’ve done to make RMHC what it is! We have been forever impacted.

    Some of Amelia’s favorite RMHC memories are getting to play with Betty Lou during her stays, so thank you for that too! 🐾💛


    From Elizabeth Ellinburg
  • Beth, you are going to be SO missed around here. We all love you and cannot wait for visits from you and Betty Lou!!!

    From Nikki Boaz
  • Beth, The impact of you being CEO of ARMHC to our families, staff, and to me, is incalculable. You were truly heaven sent at a time when the Charity really needed your warmth, joy, and love. Thank you for being there. I am going to miss you so much! Enjoy your retirement knowing your efforts have made ARMHC this best nonprofit in the world!


    From Darren Adkins
  • Beth, congratulations on a retirement well deserved. You put so much into making us one of the greatest charities around. Your strong leadership, compassion, and wisdom are evident. We will miss you at the house — I’m so glad you will stay involved. We will miss Betty Lou at the house as well 🙂  Enjoy this next chapter of life and know that you are missed here. We will stay connected through Betty Lou Tours America!


    From Matthew Eldridge
  • Beth, Thank you for everything you’ve done for ARMHC. Your kindness and leadership have made an incredible impact – on the staff, volunteers, and the sweet families we serve. We will miss you! Congratulations on your retirement!

    From Amy Goggins
  • Even though it has not been long, it was a pleasure working for you. Thank you for your kindness and for always greeting me with a smile.  Congratulations on your retirement and many years of dedicated service. May God bless you and keep you.

    From Mary Elizabeth Huff
  • Beth – I am sad to see you leave but I am excited for your next journey of life to begin. It has been a joy working with you. Hard to believe it’s been 10 years! Crazy how time flies. You have been such a kind, caring and compassionate leader – and it showed by our families and volunteers asking to see you.  Your visits with Betty have brightened so many little lives. Okay… maybe more for Betty at times, but you get the point – ha! Your visits with Betty have brightened so many little lives. Thank you for your dedication to our mission and for serving families well. Enjoy retirement and traveling – well deserved!!
    We – staff, volunteers & families – will miss you!

    Ps. Bob still owes me his candied bacon recipe!

    Beth Howell and April Clark

    From April Clark
  • Beth- It has been such an incredible opportunity working with you and learning from you. Enjoy your retirement and have fun!


    From Alissa Scherb
  • There aren’t enough words to thank you, Beth! I consider myself very lucky to have spent that past year working alongside you and learning from you. Your leadership and love for this Charity is inspiring and so appreciated! Enjoy retirement and your many adventures – it is SO deserved! But don’t be a stranger 🙂


    Beth Howell and Ronald McDonald

    From Brie Bergman
  • Beth, thank you for your care and service to for the many families we serve. Hope you and Bob have wonderful travels and fun during this next chapter.

    From Wendy Cromwell
  • We salute you, Beth, for your incredible leadership and impact on our mission and the children and families we serve.  Congratulations on a remarkable career that has made a difference in the lives of so many.  We wish you all the very best in this wonderful next chapter in your life.  Happy Retirement!


    Beth Howell and Carrie Bowden

    From Carrie A. Bowden
  • Beth – it has been a pleasure working with you for 10 years! I cannot thank you enough for the impact you have had on this organization, our team, and the families we serve.  Thank you for inspiring us to be better every day.  Wishing you the very best in your retirement!  We will miss you.


    Beth Howell and Kim Cunningham

    From Kim Cunningham