Looking for a fun way to help our families?

Help build one of these kits. Gather a group of friends together to decorate the bags and assemble them.

Donate Gift Cards

Donate gift cards of $5, $10, $15, or $20 to nearby restaurants and grocery stores to help feed and support our families in our Ronald McDonald Houses and hotels!

Make A Mask

Due to COVID-19, masks have become a crucial donation to our Houses. We regularly provide families with masks for the safety of everyone staying with Atlanta RMHC. You can make your masks or donate store-bought masks! We ask that each mask be individually wrapped.

Sponsor A Meal

If you’d like to provide a meal for our families one night, please check VolunteerHub for available dates. To ensure the safety of our families, all meals must be individually boxed, 1 per guest. All meals must be prepared in a commercial kitchen, grocery store, deli or restaurant because of  the medically fragile nature of our families.

Cleaning Buckets

Collect cleaning buckets for our families to use! Families are asked to maintain the cleanliness of their room during their stay at our Ronald McDonald Houses. We stock cleaning buckets through donations from volunteers like you! These buckets are stationed on both floors of each House in the laundry room for our families to utilize.

Get Creative with Kits

During COVID-19 we’ve loved to see the creativity of our volunteers. We have seen volunteers make a variety of kits that bring a smile to the families in our Houses. Groups have created Nail Night Kits, Spa Kits, Movie Kits, Child Activity Kits, Adult Activity Kits and more! Contact our Volunteer Services and Program Coordinator, Ansley Wetherington, and Volunteer Services and Program Manager, Kelsey Walker, for more information regarding creative kits. We’d love to hear about your ideas!