Ashley Grace is going home

Ashley Grace goes HOME!

We never want a family to need us, but if they do — we’re here with open arms and open doors.

After 50 nights at our House near Children’s at Scottish Rite, The Hicklin family gets to travel home today! To remember her special times at our House- her “home-away-from-home,” Ashley Grace created a time capsule that we will hold onto for 5 years. In August 2021, we will invite her and her family back to the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House to remember her journey and time with us.

We will miss the Hicklin family so much but are so delighted that they were able to be TOGETHER while Ashley Grace recovered. With her families support, they were stronger together.

Pictured: Ashley Grace and her little brother Blane with House Manager, Joe Camacho, and Volunteer Coordinator, Anna Blocker.