Young Professionals SocietyJoin the Young Professionals Society of Atlanta RMHC and make a difference.

The Young Professionals Society (YP) of Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities aims to provide an opportunity for professionals in their early to mid-career stages, to network while making a meaning impact on the lives of families served by the Ronald McDonald House Charities through community engagement.

Membership is $160, the cost to house 1 family for 1 night, or $13.33 a month.

Membership offers professionals the opportunity to:

  1. Network: connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries who share a commitment to philanthropy and community service.
  2. Volunteer: Engage in hands-on volunteer opportunities at the Ronald McDonald Houses, providing support and comfort to families facing a medical crisis.
  3. Professional Development: Access to three (3) social opportunities provided annually by Atlanta RMHC with members of the Advisory Council designed to enhance personal growth and leadership skills.
  4. Fundraising: Participate in fundraising initiatives through Rockin’ the House to raise funds to support Atlanta RMHC programs and services.
  5. Advocacy: Advocate for the mission of Atlanta RMHC within the local community, raising awareness about its impact and encouraging others to get involved.

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The Charter and Purpose

The charter of the Young Professionals Society aligns with the goals and values of Atlanta RMHC, emphasizing collaboration, compassion and community engagement. By leveraging the energy and enthusiasm of young professionals, the society contributes to the support system provided by Atlanta RMHC, fostering hope and healing for families in need.

Membership requirements

  1. Annual Fee: Members are expected to pay an annual membership fee of $160, which helps support the operational costs of YP and contributes to the overall fundraising efforts of Atlanta RMHC.
  2. Fundraise for Rockin’ the House and/or support the event by attending on April 26, 2024, at 5Paces Inn, beginning at 7:30 p.m.
  3. Engage in hands-on volunteer opportunities at one of the two Ronald McDonald Houses, prepare snack kits, and/or donate Wish Lst items.
  4. Advocate for the mission of Atlanta RMHC within their personal and professional networks that includes raising awareness of its impact and encourage others to support Atlanta RMHC through donations and participation in events.

By fulfilling these membership requirements, young professionals demonstrate their commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of families served by Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities, while building meaningful connections with fellow members and contributing to the broader community.

Questions? Contact Marisa Stout, Manager of Special Events and Community Engagment. 

Volunteer Opportunties