Cami can be a kid at our Ronald McDonald House

“We were relieved that Cami could still be a kid at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House,” say Courtney and Chris Jackson, mom and dad to Cami.

Cami, 8, from Greensboro, Georgia, loves arts and crafts, zoo animals, dancing, and playing with her little brother, CJ.

When she began having trouble controlling her left hand, her parents took her to the pediatrician where they were referred to a neurologist. Cami was admitted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for an MRI, several tests, and a biopsy.

On March 2, she was diagnosed with an inoperable, aggressive brain tumor. “When we were visited by an oncologist, that’s when it hit us — Cami has cancer,” Courtney says.

Courtney and Cami stayed at our Ronald McDonald House near Egleston while Cami received 6 weeks of proton radiation therapy at Emory Proton Center.

At our House, Cami enjoyed playing with Betty Lou, eating snacks on the back porch, Bingo nights, and the playroom. She especially loved showing CJ around the House when he came for visits.

“While the kids were able to run off and play, we would just sit on the couch and chat about what we, as parents, were going through,” Courtney says. She appreciated making friends at the House and having someone to lean on.

Courtney and Cami also enjoyed our Meals That Heal being able to relax together, and attending our annual Golf Classic with Chris and CJ. They felt a sense of hope and security during their stay.

“Atlanta RMHC gave us comforts of home and allowed me to focus on Cami’s care, which helped us get through those critical and difficult moments,” Courtney says.

On July 14, Cami underwent brain surgery in Memphis to remove the tumor that was said to be inoperable. The surgery was a success, and they celebrated with a trip to the Memphis Zoo.

The Jackson Family