Austin Mabry

Meet the Mabry Family!

“We are so blessed to have this House during times of uncertainty. We will be forever grateful-” Lisa Mabry, Austin’s mom.

The past 18 months have been quite a life-changing journey for the Mabry family. Austin Mabry, a high school senior at Franklin County High School in North-East Georgia, will graduate in May with hopes of continuing on to attend a local college and pursue a degree in engineering. What makes Austin’s graduation day extra special is how far he has come to reach this milestone.

Nearly two years ago, Austin was diagnosed with stage two rare soft tissue sarcoma – a cancer that required a surgery called hemipelvectomy, a high-level amputation of the leg, hip and pelvis. Through multiple treatments and major surgeries, the Mabrys made our Houses their place of refuge. Staying at the House allowed the Mabrys to stay close to the hospital and Austin’s medical team as well as receive meals provided by volunteers, support from other families and all the comforts of home.

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The ability to be by Austin’s side throughout his treatment and recovery was an opportunity for which his parents, Danny and Lisa, will be forever grateful. Not only were they able to be there for each other, but the Mabrys also found support from other families at our House. All of our families may have separate journeys and even different diagnoses, but they all connect through their love for their children and desire to remain together as a family.

“The Ronald McDonald House became our ‘home-away-from-home’ when our world suddenly turned upside down with Austin’s cancer diagnosis… I’m forever grateful,” Lisa said.

Austin is now cancer free and continues to work on his recovery.  Austin has high hopes for the future and is optimistic his therapy will help him reach important milestones.  His goal is to walk across the graduation stage in May to receive his high school diploma with only the help of a walker!

“With my parents by my side at the House to support me, I have been able to recover better than I could have done alone,” Austin said.

Keeping the Mabrys together was key in Austin’s recovery. From a loving support system of other families and caring staff, to hugs and encouragement from volunteers–the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House is a place they will forever hold dear in their hearts.

We’re so glad to keep families close when they need it most.