Alex Brazelton

Open Arms for Alex

“The Atlanta Ronald McDonald House made me feel loved when I was welcomed with a handmade blanket and open arms,” Alex Brazelton says.

Alex, 22, from Thomaston, Georgia, graduated from Harry T. Harper Jr. School of Cardiac and Vascular Technology in December. In March, she began working as a cardiovascular specialist in South Carolina.

Being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2016 furthered Alex’s dream of working in the healthcare field. “My experience made me want to interact with patients like my healthcare team did with me,” Alex says.

When Alex was 15, she got into a wreck with a few friends. She seemed to be fine until she began having severe headaches. Alex’s mom took her to a neurologist where they did a CT scan. The scan revealed a nodule on the lower left side of her neck.

A biopsy confirmed that Alex had thyroid cancer and would need a total thyroidectomy. After her surgery, Alex stayed at our House near Egleston before receiving radiation.

Alex stayed with us in December, so she enjoyed our holiday celebrations and especially loved watching excited children meet Santa. She also enjoyed our delicious meals and snacks from our pantry.

“I probably spent more time in the pantry than anywhere,” Alex says.

Alex and her family were happy to have an affordable and comfortable place to rest and spend time together. Alex treasures the memory of walking down the halls with her dads’ arms around her.

“Having cancer takes a lot of time and money, but Atlanta RMHC took a weight off of my parents’ shoulders,” she says.

Alex’s family donated to show their appreciation and wants everyone to know how easy it is to give back to Atlanta RMHC.

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