Riley Scruggs

Thankful for Atlanta RMHC

“We are incredibly thankful for everything Atlanta RMHC does and stands for,” says Crystal Scruggs, mom to Riley.

Riley, from Statham, Georgia, was born in January at Piedmont Athens Regional. She was delivered prematurely in an emergency C-section because of fluid building in her stomach and her heart beating slowly.

After birth, Riley needed constant blood and platelet transfusions. Several tests were conducted but did not reveal why she was getting progressively sicker.

At 13 days old, she was transferred to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, familial HLH. The disorder caused swelling in Riley’s spleen and led to liver and kidney failure.

Riley spent two months in the NICU before moving to the transplant floor for a bone marrow transplant. She received a few rounds of chemotherapy to prepare then had the transplant a month later.

Her family has been staying at the House near Egleston while Riley recovers in a transplant suite. “Atlanta RMHC has alleviated the financial stress of traveling and has allowed us to help give Riley the best care possible,” Crystal says.

Crystal appreciates being close to the hospital for Riley’s weekly check-ups and emergencies. She also appreciates that the House provides a sense of “normalcy” and “feels like home.”

Riley loves to play and watch Cocomelon in the suite, ride our elevator, and take nature strolls around the House.

This Thanksgiving, Atlanta RMHC thanks the donors and volunteers who make serving precious families like Riley’s possible.