Ty looking at the dinosaurs at Fernbank

Ty Experiences Wildlife at the Fernbank Museum

Ty Christian is a 10-year-old who has been a guest at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House ever since his first spinal surgery at age 8. Recently, Ty received his first pair of hearing aids, which brought the Christian family back to Atlanta and their “home-away-from-home at the Ronald McDonald House.

After Ty’s first hearing aid fitting, the Christians were able to share a special outing together thanks to a generous donation of tickets to visit the Fernbank museum. Ty’s love for dinosaurs and all things nature got him thrilled for the adventure! As the family explored the museum, Ty was able to hear noises from some of his favorite animals for the very first time.

“He got so excited, it was hard for him to pose for a picture,” said Tyler’s mother, Ann.

When the family arrived at the mosaic for Wild Music, Ty began hearing things for the first time that got him so excited! He went straight to the Whale Songs exhibit, which is one of his favorite mammals to watch on video. He went from exhibit to exhibit, pointing and taking in all the museum had to offer.

“It meant a lot to be able to put aside the overhanging dread of upcoming spinal surgery and experience an afternoon of emotional joy and gratitude. There were happy tears and we’re thankful for his chance to experience these sounds,” Ann said.

We’re thankful to provide special moments like these for the families of our Houses.