A Christmas Miracle for Kincaid Eaker

Kincaid Eaker, 13, has been battling Polycystic kidney disease, a genetic disorder that causes his kidneys to function at 14 percent of their capabilities. His condition left him in desperate need of a donor kidney. On the night of December 25, Kincaid experienced a remarkable Christmas miracle when his family received a call notifying them of a kidney match for him. His first emotions after receiving the call included being extremely nervous and anxious.

Kincaid and his grandmother, Elaine Touton, immediately packed their bags and headed to Georgia from Tennessee. He underwent surgery on December 26. His doctors say Kincaid miraculously spent less than 24 hours in the intensive care unit and has been recovering well ever since.

Well-wishers from around the country have been praying for him. “I feel really grateful for those people,” he says. Kincaid and his grandmother are staying with Atlanta Ronald McDonald House while he recovers from his kidney transplant.

Elaine describes Atlanta Ronald McDonald House as a quiet, clean, orderly place that feels like home. She says, “I feel comfortable here. You have no idea until you’re in this situation that you’re going to need it.”

Since surgery, Kincaid has been excited to eat the foods he loves, especially bananas and Ramen, which he wasn’t able to have before. “The best part about the House is the kitchen!” he says. Kincaid plans to continue recovering and looks forward to returning to school. He also looks forward to the summer swim season in several months.