Ari Parsons Connect Colleagues in Helping Families at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses

For Ari Parsons, the decision to volunteer with Atlanta RMHC came a year ago when her colleagues at Workday wanted to organize regular volunteering events.

As an Atlanta Giving & Doing Leader, Ari took the lead, diving headfirst into ensuring their presence made a meaningful impact every month. Ari was inspired by Atlanta RMHC’s service to families facing the challenges of traveling long distances for their children’s medical care.

“Anything I can do to alleviate any burden for the families and bring a little joy to difficult situations is why I volunteer,” Ari says.

Some of her favorite memories include serving breakfasts to families at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House near Scottish Rite before their hospital appointments — a simple gesture that brings comfort and connection to those facing a long day at the hospital.

Through volunteering, Ari is bringing colleagues closer together in a shared commitment to serving others.