A Place of Hope for the Tisdale Family

Chris Tisdale and his wife, Amanda, were aware of the Ronald McDonald House in Columbia, South Carolina, where they live, but did not truly understand what it meant to families until November 9 of last year. That was the day their daughter, Aleigh, was injured in a train accident.

Aleigh had just picked up two friends to go to a local outdoor market when they were struck by a freight train as they turned onto the main road. Aleigh suffered multiple injuries, including a broken pelvis and ruptured spleen.

Aleigh was urgently airlifted from the accident to a local hospital, where doctors assessed her injuries. Chris and Amanda knew Aleigh would need specialized care, which led them to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

The Tisdales stayed at our Ronald McDonald House near Scottish Rite during Aleigh’s treatment and say our House was “instrumental in Aleigh’s recovery.”

“Without the ability to stay at the House, she wouldn’t have been able to receive the treatment at Children’s Healthcare,” Amanda says. “The Ronald McDonald House is a place of hope.”

On January 30, Aleigh graduated from the Day Rehabilitation Program, marking 70 days of staying at our Ronald McDonald House.

Her mom says Aleigh is now is a “fully functioning 17 year old girl,” which is incredible considering the circumstances she overcame.

To pay it forward, Amanda and Chris plan to volunteer at RMHC of Columbia as much as possible now that they are home.