Alex Adams

Alex & Atlanta RMHC Call the Dawgs

Atlanta RMHC and Alex Adams, 9, from Lavonia, Georgia, say “Go Dawgs!”

Alex, lover of math, science, and Ladd McConkey, was diagnosed with a rare form of Scoliosis shortly after birth which caused him to need serial casting and bracing for most of his life.

In June, Alex spent 3 weeks in Halo Gravity Traction where he carried heavy weight to slowly stretch his spine in preparation for Magec Growing Rod surgery. His spinal curve started at 87 degrees, and the traction and surgery successfully decreased it to 26 degrees.

“Alex has always had acid reflux after eating which caused him to form a negative relationship with food,” says his mom, Jessica. “His nutrition made his surgical wound heal incorrectly, so they put in a feeding tube.”

While on the tube, Alex was diagnosed with AFRID by the Marcus Feeding Program. He began the Intensive Day Feeding Program 6 weeks ago, and he will be graduating early.

Alex’s family stayed at our Ronald McDonald House near Egleston during his surgery and is currently staying with us while he completes the feeding program.

Jessica appreciates being able to cook in our kitchen and is grateful for donated items like toiletries and crayons. She also likes meeting new families and enjoys our planned activities.

Alex has fun in the playroom with friends he’s met at the House and loves to play with our therapy dogs, especially “Puddy,” the pug.

“Atlanta RMHC has been a blessing beyond words, and my son’s treatment would not be possible without it,” Jessica says.

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