Selah Greene

An Invaluable Gift for the Greene Family

“The Atlanta Ronald McDonald House alleviates the need to travel, cook and clean, and it gives families the invaluable gift of being able to focus on their child’s well-being,” says Molly Green, mom to Selah.

Selah, 4, from Northeast Georgia, has a big imagination and loves to dance. Her favorite subject is writing, and she loves to illustrate her stories and mail letters. When Selah is not in school, she enjoys riding her scooter, painting and playing with her little brother.

Before Selah was born, she had a stroke causing hemiparesis on the right side of her body. Since she was an infant, she has been in occupational and physical therapies, which have helped tremendously.

In April, Selah was accepted as a participant in Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The program requires intensive therapy for five days a week for three weeks.

Selah’s family is staying with us at our House near Scottish Rite while she completes the program. They need to be close to the hospital so Selah can practice her therapy skills.

“Atlanta RMHC has allowed Selah to participate in the CIMT program and see positive results of more movement,” Molly says.

The Greenes are confident that the amount of improvement from therapy would have been significantly less if they had to travel daily to Atlanta from home and that traveling would have allowed for less time for Selah to practice her therapy skills.

At our House, Selah loves playing in the treehouse and spending time with her “friends” (our staff and volunteers), and her family appreciates the food and treats provided by Chef Jeff and different volunteer groups.

“Food is medicine for the soul and not having to worry about the responsibility of dinner alleviated additional pressure from our daily schedule,” Molly says.

Since staying with us, the Greene family has become great ambassadors about how easy it is to help Atlanta RMHC. In their school district, four elementary schools and a high school are now collecting Pop Tabs for our families.

“Experiencing the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities changed our lives forever,” Molly says.

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