The Andrews Family

Atlanta RMHC Brings the Andrews Family ‘Peace’ and ‘Comfort’

“After spending our days at the hospital with our precious baby, we can go ‘home’ to the safe place that is the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House,” says mom Jessica Andrews. “Waiting for us are home cooked meals, kindred spirits, and radiating comfort.”

Jessica, and her husband, Trey, are staying at our House near Egleston while their months-old son, Slate, is treated in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU).

Born on October 18 in Brunswick, Georgia, Slate was life flighted to Memorial Hospital in Savannah a few days after his birth. Five days later, Slate arrived at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston.

In the CICU, Slate is being treated for arrythmias daily. His heart is described as having a “mildly to moderately depressed function,” by his medical team.

“Slate has come a long way since he was admitted,” Jessica says. “Now he is breathing room air, enjoying his feeds, and continuing to be monitored for infection and heart improvement.”

At this time, the Andrews do not know when they will be able to return home, so they are taking it one day at a time.

“Atlanta RMHC, while alleviating our financial burden for housing, has also served as so much more,” Jessica says. “It has provided a home for my husband and I amid being displaced into this unknown and unexpected season of our lives. All our needs — food, laundry, housing, hygiene — are being met by Atlanta RMHC.”

Since the Andrews live in Brunswick, Slate’s treatment would be difficult without Atlanta RMHC. “Atlanta RMHC has eliminated a list of burdens that come with having our child hospitalized five hours from where we live,” Jessica says. They have a sense of peace and confidence knowing that they are only 5 minutes away from Slate.

Jessica and Trey appreciate meeting other families who are experiencing similar situations. “There is a level of humility and humbleness that is felt throughout the House that brings peace and comfort,” Jessica says.

The Andrews family says Atlanta RMHC provides a haven and the blessing of being able to focus on their children for families in crisis. “Atlanta RMHC is simply a gift and so are those generous individuals that support it,” Jessica says.

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