Betty Lou

Betty Lou Misses Our Families and Their Belly Rubs

Betty Lou, our Chief Happiness Officer, wants you to know she misses her daily belly rubs. 

A certified Canine Assistants therapy dog, Betty Lou knows exactly how to cheer up everyone, which means more belly rubs for her. 

“I miss all of the kids petting me and giving me treats,” Betty Lou says, adding she, like her mom, Beth Howell, our President & CEO, really miss watching all of the kids having fun and talking to families about their own pets.

Throughout the pandemic, Betty Lou’s office hours have been irregular. If families want to see Betty Lou, she comes to visit.

As the world slowly reopens, Betty Lou and her family took a trip to the beach. This has, by far, been one of Betty Lou’s favorite memories. 

When asked about what she misses most during the pandemic beyond seeing our families, Betty Lou added treats from Kim Cunningham, our Vice President of Operations, and the peanut butter snacks from Tim Tyson, our Facilities Coordinator. 

“I know that once the world is back to normal, I will be able to get back to work with my usual activities of playing with the families and getting all of the belly rubs in the world,” Betty Lou says.