Lourdes Guirola

Congratulations and Thank You, Lourdes Guirola!

Lourdes Guirola, a McDonald’s General Manager in Atlanta, is the proud owner of a new Toyota Corolla. She won it in a Greater Atlanta McDonald’s Operators’ Association giveaway drawing promoting Round-Up for RMHC.

“Winning this car has felt like a dream,” Lourdes says.

A 29-year McDonald’s employee, Lourdes started in the kitchen and worked her way up to general manager.

Lourdes says Atlanta RMHC is “inclusive, compassionate and priceless” and appreciates the care and safe resting place that it provides for families. She values the support system Atlanta RMHC provides families gain when meeting other families at the Ronald McDonald Houses.

“I cannot imagine the stress of having a sick child but know that Atlanta RMHC helps alleviate some of that stress,” Lourdes says.

In the restaurant, Lourdes and her team encourage customers to Round-Up their purchases to the nearest dollar. Their monthly goal for Round-Up donations is $1,000, and they often surpass that goal. “Most of our customers and team members never hesitate to Round-Up,” Lourdes says.

Additionally, Lourdes is motivated and committed to Round-Up because donating brings her community together. “I love that we are all in this together and all get to help Atlanta RMHC,” she says.

As for the car, Lourdes has never considered herself lucky, until now! Before winning the new one, Lourdes was driving a car that was constantly breaking down and was worried about having to save for a new one. Lourdes won the drawing just a few days before her birthday. “It was awesome because this car came at the perfect time and was the best birthday gift ever,” Lourdes says.