Creeches Are Thankful for Family Time During Holidays at Our House

“Because everything was taken care of at Atlanta RMHC, we were able to just focus on being a family and making memories,” Michael Creech says.

When Micah Creech was 6 months old, he developed Type 1 diabetes, severe food allergies, hypothyroidism and arthritis. With all of this happening before he turned 1, his parents knew something was wrong.

After pursuing genetic testing, they discovered Micah had immune dysregulation, polyendocrinopathy, enteropathy, and X-linked (IPEX) syndrome. His immune system was attacking his tissues and organs.

The family decided the best option for Micah was to seek expert treatment in Atlanta with mom Allison, while Michael stayed in Dallas, Texas, with their other two children. “Not only were we about to go through something really scary and uncertain, but we were hundreds of miles from home,” Allison says.

Micah and his mother stayed at our House from October through the end of January. “Being there and seeing how much thought went into every detail was pretty amazing,” Allison says. “I’m so grateful.”

Since they had to be away from home on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, Allison was happy that her husband and two other boys could spend the holidays with them at the House. The fall and winter are their favorite times of the year as a family, and she wanted to make sure they celebrated and created memorable moments.

“Because of Atlanta RMHC, I was able to use the kitchen to prepare an entire Thanksgiving dinner for my family,” Allison says. “It felt like such a gift. Not only were we together as a family, but we created new traditions and made memories that we’ll always treasure.”

“Atlanta RMHC is a lifesaver,” Michael says. “I feel comfortable here, and it feels like a home.”

Micah is now doing well! He is 3, and his personality is huge! He plays baseball and basketball with his brothers and enjoys karate. He loves hot dogs, Veggie Straws, and yogurt and eats all three every day!

The Creech Family