Amelia Johnson

Families Give Back to Atlanta RMHC Through 2022 BMW Raffle

Khatmullin Family

The Khatmullin Family enjoys a break from son Rafael’s treatment.

“I participate in the BMW Raffle every year to support Atlanta RMHC,” Rafael Khatmullin’s mother, Kate, says.

Often, families who have stayed with us look for ways to give back to our charity and purchasing tickets for the BMW Raffle is a popular and easy way to do that.

The Sookdieopersad-Johnson family is staying us with us while their daughter, Amelia, undergoes treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. They participated to give back to Atlanta RMHC.

“We love that Atlanta RMHC is able to provide such a comfortable, home-like atmosphere for kids and family members who have had to spend so much time in the hospital and away from home,” Amelia’s mother, Salome, says. “The staff and their hospitality have given us a place of comfort and stability in what has been a rollercoaster of a year, and we are forever grateful.”

The Ortiz family stayed with us while their daughter, Lara, was in the NICU for 20 days. They took part in the Raffle because they wanted to help Atlanta RMHC and for the chance to win a nice car.

“Atlanta RMHC is a great resource and helps parents, like us, who live far from the hospital,” Lara’s mother, Juliana, says. “Atlanta RMHC makes the days less stressful.”

The Khatmullin family participated in the Raffle in memory of their son, Rafael, who died in February. They stayed with us while Rafael underwent treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

“Atlanta RMHC was our home for two years,” Kate says. “We will never forget how much Atlanta RMHC meant to us during my son’s treatment. To have a place where you can go and feel at home is a blessing after long days, weeks, and months of treatment. There is no other place like the House where you can get a hug, kind words, and delicious meals, all at the same time.”