How Does a Busy Professional Get Involved with Charities?

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  • Harrison Miller, Vice President, Charitable Planning Consultant with Fidelity Charitable, is a premier resource for charitable planning in the Southeast region.
  • Lisa Brown, CFP®, CIMA® is a Partner, Wealth Advisor and Chief Strategy Officer for Brightworth’s Corporate Professionals and Executives specialty.

Are you a busy professional who is unsure about how to get involved with charities? Marissa Greider, our Senior Director of Major and Planned Gifts, and Harrison Miller, Vice President and Charitable Planning Consultant with Fidelity Charitable, have a few recommendations on the best ways to get started.

“Sometimes the easiest way for busy professionals to get involved is to write a check,” Marissa says. “Nonprofits are always growing. We have small staffs and big needs. Those needs grow every single day, so contributions are always appreciated.”

“The nice thing about writing that check is you start to get on that charity’s radar a little bit, so they begin communication with you more deeply, more intentionally. In turn, you can learn more about what the charity does and what their needs are,” Marissa says.

Another way to become more involved is by visiting the organization and really understanding its purpose. Visiting is a great way to find alignment between your skills, passions, and the organizations you want to support.


Lastly, Marissa suggests you volunteer. If you’re extremely busy, start small. Drop off needed items, serve a meal, do whatever you get excited about. Volunteering with nonprofits is always a great way for busy corporate professionals to strengthen their teams and become involved.

One of the key ways for executives to become involved with charities financially is through a Donor Advised Fund, Harrison advises. “By making a contribution to a public charity that sponsors a donor advised fund program, you can receive an immediate tax deduction while setting up years of charitable giving needs to the organizations of your choice,” Harrison says. “The most beneficial aspect of a Donor Advised Fund is it is already pre-funded and you receive the big tax benefit now.”

“Charities always need annual support, so it is really great when people plan ahead by gifting to a donor advised fund and recommending those grants to their favorite charities when they can,” Marissa explains.

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