Love, Support, and Big Hugs at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House

“With both of my children having to be treated, we thank the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House so much for all the love and the compassion everyone has for my family,” says DaVine Weaver, mom to Justyce, 9, and David, 8.

“The Atlanta Ronald McDonald House really helps us with getting used to the changes our family had to adapt to” with Justyce’s cancer, DaVine Weaver says. “It provides us with a safe space to unwind for the whole stay.”

Justyce was diagnosed with T-ALL Lymphoblastic Leukemia after a 6-inch mass was discovered surrounding his heart. After staying four months in the hospital to address the mass, he is recovering from a Bone Marrow Transplant at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House near Egleston. David is being treated for chronic asthma.

“Now, over 100 days post-transplant, we are still navigating the intricacies of his treatment and ensuring both boys receive the care they need,” DaVine says.

Without the Ronald McDonald House, it would be a challenge to get both boys back and forth to the hospital for appointments, DaVine says. Furthermore, Justyce’s specialized diets would mean cooking separate meals, adding another twist to their already busy schedule. The House with its location, meals and support has made that easier.

The family adores the Ronald McDonald House for its spaciousness, cheerful atmosphere and the fantastic kitchen facilities. They love being able to step outside and enjoy the fresh air, all while spending time with staff and other families.

“Justyce adores Bridget! He’s always eager to visit her office, where he gives her the biggest hugs imaginable.” DaVine says. “If I let him, he would chat with Bridget for hours on end. The boys also love their room, the hot cocoa, and the pantry!”

DaVine wishes everyone knew about the Ronald McDonald House and all it provides families with sick kids. “We will be forever grateful for the connections we have made at the House and the staff who have made our transition a lot easier.