Macy's Team

Macy’s May Give Back Campaign Raises $10,908 for Atlanta RMHC

The Macy’s May Round Up/Your Extra Change Can Help Your Community campaign raised $10,908 for Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities, which will support 87 nights at our Houses.

In addition to the campaign, the Macy’s south regional and district team leaders from the Retail Division worked together to create about 12 fleece blankets and cards for our families through their Partners in Time initiative.

“Thanks again to you and your team for hosting us on June 25 so we could make tie fleece blankets and cards,” said Susan Marvin, a senior member of Macy’s team. “We had really positive feedback from our volunteers last night. They all really enjoyed it with a couple saying it was their favorite Partners In Time event to date.”

Susan also said that two stores in Tennessee, in Nashville and Memphis, supported RMHC during the campaign as well.