three women from Blocker Family

Meet the Blocker Family!

On September 26, 2016 a 30,000 pound bucket truck hit 16-year-old Tori Blocker’s car, completely destroying it. When EMS arrived, they pronounced Tori dead, but as they rolled her over, she gasped for breath and was life-flighted to Memorial Hospital in Savannah. Due to a traumatic brain injury and multiple broken bones, Tori spent a month in the Memorial ICU.

At the start of the new year she was transferred to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to participate in the Day Rehabilitation Program. Tori was confined to a wheelchair and unable to eat or drink on her own. With a long road ahead, Tori, her mother, Terri and grandmother, Judy were grateful for the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House.

“The Atlanta Ronald McDonald House is our home. I’ve never felt lonely or homesick, not even once,” Terri said.

Tori Block with prom dateThe Blockers found an extended family at our House. In the evenings, Tori, Terri and Judy would sit with other families in the dining room and share their experiences. Judy even called our dining room “The Social Hall” because families would congregate every evening to applaud each other’s successes or sympathize with each other’s hardships. With the support from other families, staff and volunteers, the Blocker women could focus on Tori’s goal: to make it to the prom in April.

The Blocker women stayed with us for over 3 months during Tori’s treatment. In April, Tori’s perseverance allowed her to attend the prom without a walker or wheelchair and graduate from the Day Rehabilitation Program.

Our House allowed Tori and her family to stay close while she received care, enabling them to be involved and remain positive throughout her treatment. Today she is home with her family and continues to improve!


“The Ronald McDonald House is a phenomenal place. When we are here, we have ZERO worries, ZERO! We don’t have to worry about food, where we wash our clothes, or where we will sleep,” said Terri.

We’re so glad to be able to give families like the Blockers a place find hope and healing together at our Houses.

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