Bolick Family for Father's Day

Meet the Bolick Family

On a beautiful summer day at the pool, the Bolick family of Columbus, Ga. was struck with disaster. Their eldest daughter, Allie, suffered an epileptic seizure and nearly drowned- changing their lives forever.

In order to receive the best care for Allie, the Bolicks found themselves more than 100 miles away from home in the ICU as Allie fought for her life. Yet, in the midst of unimaginable circumstances, the Bolicks found hope and a refuge at the Ronald McDonald House.

“Being at the House has been comforting. It’s a comfortable environment where we can relax. We feel supported here – since meeting the other families, we’ve found strength in each other,” Allie’s mom Amanda said.

It’s important to Allie to have her whole family close by as she recovers, especially her “hero” – her dad.
Our dad is our hero because he loves and protects us. I love when we can be at the Ronald McDonald House all together as a family,” Allie said.

This Father’s Day, join with us in keeping families like the Bolicks close when it matters most. Become a House Hero and contribute monthly. Your recurring gift of $10 or more will make a lasting impact on the families we serve.

“To me, a hero is someone you can look up to and model yourself after. A lot of times people think of  ‘super heroes’ but a hero is really someone who makes you a better person and makes a difference in your life,” said Allie’s dad, Brad. “Being a House Hero for ARMHC will make a huge difference for families like mine.”