Brannon family photo

Meet the Brannon Family!

Corbin SmallThe Brannon family from Carrollton, Georgia, first came to our House near Scottish Rite after their three month old baby, Corbin, was diagnosed with arthrogryposis, bilateral club feet, hip dysplasia and plagiocephaly. We were happy to be called their place of comfort, refuge and a “home-away-from-home” in the midst of unimaginable circumstances.

“August 18, 2016, after 9 miserable days in bars and boots, we discovered that our 3 month old baby had suffered a broken leg. The next day, after going back into casts, a fever of 103.8 sent us to the Emergency Room. Our local ER couldn’t find the cause and wasn’t equipped to deal with a baby with these issues so we were transferred to Scottish Rite. This began 5 long days in the hospital with little answers, thinking only the worst. It was at this time that we discovered the amazing resource that is the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House… After being up for a straight 48 hours, worrying sick about my baby, it was so wonderful to be able to check in to the House, to shower and get some much needed sleep.” Erin said. “My husband and I took shifts for the next 5 days, going and coming to and from the hospital and to the Ronald McDonald House. When I say this House is amazing- it’s an understatement. From the people that greeted us when we checked in, to the volunteers who make sure the families had everything they needed to aid them during tough times, everything about the House is wonderful. I honestly don’t know what we would have done during this hospital stay without the Ronald McDonald House. Corbin has had 3 surgeries now and we stay at the House each time. It is such a blessing to have a resource such as this, and my family is so thankful for the amazing resource that is Atlanta RMHC!!”

Stay tuned for more updates about Corbin and his family during their journey!