Hagin Family

Meet the Hagin Family

Hagin FamilyAJ Hagin was only three years old when he went into heart failure. He was diagnosed with a rare mutation in the anatomy of his heart and would need a transplant in order to survive. For six months, AJ and his family stayed together at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House as they waited for the transplant call that would save AJ’s life.

As they waited, AJ grew weaker but the Hagin’s leaned on each other and their faith for strength.“Our faith has been tested many times,” says AJ’s mother, Ellen. “AJ is my miracle child and the apple of my eye. But I knew he was in God’s hands and that the doctors were doing everything they could to save my child.”

After months spent anxiously waiting, the Hagin family received the call they had been earnestly anticipating: AJ’s new heart was ready for him and it was a “perfect match” according to his doctors! Today, AJ is thriving with his new heart and his family returns to our home for periodic check-ups and procedures. Each time they return, they are welcomed home with open arms.

“We are so grateful for the Ronald McDonald House, the meals they put on our table and the wonderful staff that welcomed up home each night throughout our journey,”Ellen describes. “We love this House and the support it has given us.”