Meet Khloe King, One of Our Newest Pop Tab Ambassadors

Khloe King dropping off pop tabs

Khloe King dropping off pop tabs during one of her recent visits.

Khloe King was born prematurely at 30 weeks in November 2013. In February 2014, she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a brain condition that causes a build-up of fluid in the deep cavities in the brain and had her first brain surgery at 12 weeks old. To access the expert care she needs, Khloe and her family have been staying with us since 2017.

“Atlanta is our home away from home. Khloe loves the Ronald McDonald House,” says Angela Goodman, Khloe’s mom. “We feel so safe, and it’s her comfort place.”

Khloe King with her grandfather at our Ronald McDonald House

Khloe King with her grandfather at our Ronald McDonald House.

Hydrocephalus affects children in different ways and also causes other illnesses. For Khloe, she did not start speaking until she was 4 years old. She also was diagnosed with exotropia which caused the need for an eye surgery. In addition to undergoing a tonsillectomy, and being diagnosed with asthma, Khloe learned she has autism.

“The Ronald McDonald House has been a blessing to us,” Angela says. “There are many fond memories. My father stayed with us a few times while I was at the hospital with Khloe. Unfortunately, my father passed in November, but he spoke highly of the House staff and the sense of security we felt every time we stayed.”

“When Khloe got older, and as we stayed more at the House, we started collecting pop tabs,” Angela says. “Being a single mother of three and living three hours away in Americus, the travel can take a toll on my finances. So, this is one small way we can give back.”

Angela says that Khloe has family and friends who help her by collecting pop tabs. She and Khloe always visit to drop them off when Khloe has appointments. “Khloe knows Ronald helps not only us but other kids like her as well.”