The Knight Family

Meet the Knight Family

A heartbreaking series of events lead LaDerrica Knight, age 16, and her mother, Eula, to stay at our House near Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite. On May 15 of this year, LaDerrica’s father passed away suddenly from an undetected brain aneurysm. Just four days later, LaDerrica also suffered from a hidden brain hemorrhage and was rushed to the Children’s Hospital in Augusta, Georgia.

As a result, she suffered from a massive bleed in her brain and the left side of her body was left temporarily paralyzed. To relieve bleeding and prevent further damage, doctors performed a series of seven surgeries on her brain. During those surgeries LaDerrica had two strokes, which lead her into a deep coma. During her seventh and final surgery, she had a heart attack that triggered her brain to “shift.” This shift in her brain caused her to wake up from her deep state of unconsciousness.

Since June 15, 2016, LaDerrica has been receiving treatment at Scottish Rite and participating in the Day Rehabilitation Program. She’s been able to regain strength in her left arm and leg and she now can walk without assistance from a walker.

Today, LaDerrica and her mother, Eula have been able to overcome these trials with the help of one another and the love and support offered at the Ronald McDonald House. From the staff and volunteers to the time spent with the other families staying at our House – they’ve found comfort and a refuge.

“Being at the Ronald McDonald House is like being with your family. You cry when the other families close to you leave but you are so happy they are able to go home.” – Eula Knight, LaDerrica’s mother

We’re so glad to be the Knight families “home-away-from-home” during these unimaginable circumstances.


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