The McKays

Meet Latisha and Lanaia McKay from Central Georgia

“The Ronald McDonald House has been helping our family since 2016,” says Latisha McKay from Kathleen, Georgia. “We have been blessed to stay here on numerous occasions while our children had to go back and forth to the hospital for one situation or another.”

Currently, Latisha and Lanaia, 5, are staying with us while Lanaia attends the Marcus Institute’s Multidisciplinary Feeding Program. Lanaia is autistic with feeding/oral aversion and developmental delay.

“My favorite thing about staying at the Ronald McDonald House is the House Manager along with the other staff who try to make it feel like a “home away from home” as much as possible,” Latisha says. “Even though COVID is a roller coaster of up and down cases, the Ronald McDonald House makes sure we have everything we need. There’s always a variety of snacks, foods and dinner meals available for us.”

Latisha says she also enjoys talking with the other families. “I love that there are other families here who are going through something similar It helps you realize that you are not alone,” Latisha says.

Another thing that is a plus is the huge kitchen. “I like that you are able to cook if you’d like for your family. I also enjoy the playrooms that are available for children of all ages.”

Lanaia loves the playrooms with all the activities and books available for reading.

Latisha is thankful for the Ronald McDonald House volunteers. “They help make sure there are always extra activities for the children to do.”