Robert Ransom

Meet the Ransom Family


This holiday has special meaning for the families, volunteers and staff at our two Ronald McDonald Houses as it reminds us to celebrate the Fathers who find solace at our “home-away-from-home.  On behalf of all Ronald McDonald House dads, Happy Father’s Day.

Robert Ransom was just like any other grandfather. He loved to cheer on his grandkids at their sporting events, and he loved to help coach his grandson, Eddtrick, in football and basketball. Unbeknownst to Robert, he would soon become a different kind of coach for Eddtrick.

On October 7, 2013, Eddtrick was diagnosed with leukemia, and Robert would have to coach him through a number of treatments and chemotherapy sessions. The family has been staying at the Gatewood Atlanta Ronald McDonald House in the Carlos and Marguerite Transplant Wing while Eddtrick is recovering from a lifesaving bone marrow transplant. Robert is an employee of Golden State Foods, a quick service restaurant supplier and well-known supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Because of his employment with Golden State Foods, he knew about the Charity long before he stayed at the House. “Golden State Foods would come out and fix dinner for the ARMHC families,” Robert says, “I had always known about the Charity through their partnership with Golden State Foods, but I never thought that one day I would need their services. Ever since I’ve been here, it has been marvelous.”

While the recovery process for Eddtrick will be long, Robert finds peace in knowing that his grandson has a comfortable “home-away-from-home to recover together. “His diagnosis was life changing, but the Ronald McDonald House is just great. We aren’t far from the hospital and everyone has just been wonderful.”


*Unfortunately, we were unable to capture a current photo of Eddtrick. He must remain in the Transplant Wing to protect his body from potential infection.