Grahams at Hospital with Rad

Ronald McDonald House near Scottish Rite Provides ‘Semblance of Normalcy’ for Colquett/Graham Family

The Colquett/Graham Family

Mike Colquett watches over his grandchildren, Finn and Anna Clara, at our Ronald McDonald House near Scottish Rite.

“I cannot say enough good things about Atlanta RMHC,”  Bev Colquett says. On June 6, Bev, and her husband, Mike, received a phone call from their daughter, Laura Graham, saying their 5-year-old grandson, Rad, had been electrocuted. Rad initially received treatment at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville before being transferred to Scottish Rite on June 17.

Mike and Bev, along with Rad’s parents and two siblings, became guests at our Ronald McDonald House near Scottish Rite. “It was important to my daughter that their other children were close by so they could spend time with them, and so they could visit their brother,” Bev says. Having his siblings visit was a huge morale booster for Rad.

Rad Graham with his brother

Rad Graham visits with his brother, Finn, who stayed at the Ronald McDonald House near Scottish Rite.

“I was amazed at all the ways Atlanta RMHC ministered to its residents and how many volunteers supported this effort,” Bev says. She and her family appreciated the freedom Atlanta RMHC provided.

“This resource was truly a godsend to allow us to have some semblance of normalcy as we lived day-to-day, using the kitchen, laundry and other areas rather than being confined to a small hotel room,” Bev says. “Also, the shuttle from the House to the hospital removed another area of stress for us.”

Rad was released on July 1 and will continue his therapies at home in Nashville. His family says he is in good spirits and they are confident his healing will continue.

“We want to express our sincere thanks for all that you do for hurting families, such as ours,” Bev says. “Thank you for all that was provided and may God continue to bless your efforts to minister to hurting families.”

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