Ronald McDonald House Provides Home for Gibsons during Cancer Treatment

“The Atlanta Ronald McDonald House felt like home,” Brandon Gibson says.

In 2020, Brandon and his wife, Sydney, noticed their son, Corin, had developed many bruises, and his eyes were swollen. An MRI revealed Corin had multiple tumors throughout his body leading to a diagnosis of a rare form of Leukemia.

“They thought we might have caught it too late,” Sydney says.

Corin endured 5 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy and went into remission for 7 months. However, in November 2021, he relapsed and had 3 more rounds of chemotherapy before receiving a bone marrow transplant in April 2022.

After Corin’s transplant, his family stayed at our House near Egleston for 57 nights. “Staying here made life so much easier for our family,” Sydney says.

The Gibsons live 3 hours away in Sylvester, Georgia, making daily travel for appointments difficult. “Without Atlanta RMHC, I don’t know how we would have managed,” Brandon says.

Our Transplant Suites enabled the Gibsons to relax as a family and make fresh meals for Corin. “We went from staying in a hospital room with our sick child and newborn to staying in a two-bedroom apartment with our own kitchen, refrigerator, and beds,” Sydney says.

Atlanta RMHC relieved stress for Corin’s family and allowed them to focus on him. “We never thought we would be in this position, but it was the best feeling to have a place to stay and not worry about bills piling up,” Sydney says.

Today, Corin is a happy 5-year-old and is doing very well. He enjoys hanging out with his brothers and watching Disney movies. Corin has no signs of cancer and is excited to start Kindergarten this fall.

The Gibson Family