The Hubers

Share the Love Spotlight: The Hubers, a Gatewood House Family

Thank you to our Share the Love Story Series sponsor, NAViGO. We so appreciate your support of our families. 

Hi! My name is Andy. My mom is an amazing person for dealing with my illness, nasal lymphoma, and sticking by my side for almost three months. We can’t wait to return home, but for now nothing could be more perfect for my recovery than staying at the Ronald McDonald House, where we have been for 40 nights so far.

  1. Share the Love LogoWhy do you love Atlanta RMHC and/or what do you love the most about Atlanta RMHC?
    After getting discharged from the hospital, all I want to do is recover. My recovery is going well, and Atlanta RMHC is immensely helpful in be becoming more self-sufficient. I can cook and bake for myself, and I have the space and freedom to do so. I love that about my stay here.
  2. How has Atlanta RMHC made a difference in your life?
    Atlanta RMHC has given us the perfect place to live while I recover. My home is over two hours away along with my family and my cats. The Charity has given us a safe place near my doctors who are working toward my remission.
  3. If you could describe the Charity with one word, what would the word be and why?
    Selfless. Charity is meant to be given without expecting anything in return and that’s what Atlanta RMHC does.
  4. What do you say when you talk to friends and family about how important Atlanta RMHC is to you and the community at-large?
    I tell them how much it means to me to be stay here. It’s so important to have a place like this for sick people to stay while they recover without having to worry about hotel charges or other expenses. I think it’s also important for the Bone Marrow Transplant units to exist. My (immune system) exposure would be so much worse without it.
  5. What is your favorite memory about staying at the Ronald McDonald House? OR What did you find most helpful during your stay
    During my first 3 days here, I remember being so excited that nurses were NOT checking on me every hour. I called my family — my grandma, my aunt, my cousins — just to talk for hours. I would tell them how much I liked it here and what I had done to settle in that day, whether it was making my own noodles or do puzzles with my dad for the first time in two months.
    Lynne Huber: I appreciate that Egleston and Atlanta RMHC still treat my child as a child, especially for how specialized and rare their cancer is for their age. Atlanta RMHC does not care that they’re on the older end of their spectrum and cares for them just as they would any other child.