Chloe Eifrid with handbags

The Girl Behind The Bags

Chloe Eifrid, 4, from Jefferson, Georgia, is our Handbag HULLABALOO™! model.

“Staying at the Ronald McDonald House has allowed us to move forward with Chloe’s feeding therapy,” says Amy, Chloe’s mom.

Chloe was diagnosed in 2022 with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) causing her to be severely deficient in necessary nutrients.

Chloe and Betty Lou

“Chloe’s recommended treatment was originally delayed because we were overwhelmed and and unsure of how we would drive back and forth five days a week to Atlanta,” Amy says. “We ended up receiving a call one day from a social worker at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta telling us we could stay at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House.”

The Eifrids are staying at our House near Egleston while Chloe completes 8 weeks of intense feeding therapy in the Multidisciplinary Feeding Program.

Amy appreciates having a safe place to stay and meeting our staff, volunteers and families. “If you ask Chloe what her favorite thing is, she will say it’s the visits from Betty Lou, the Chief Happiness Officer,” Amy says. “She also loved the visit from Freddie the Falcon and has made several new friends.”

Staying with us has been a “blessing” for the Eifrids. “Everything you can think of is here,” Amy says. “Dinner after a long day, multiple playrooms, group activities, gaming and movie rooms, a large community kitchen with donated food and drinks, a laundry room with donated detergent and dryer sheets, WIFI and donated toiletries… it’s all here.”

“Having the option to stay here lifts the additional stress off your shoulder,” Amy says. “Being here truly opens your eyes to see the needs of so many being taken care of through the volunteer work and donations provided to Atlanta RMHC.”

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