Parker Nash

Vacationing at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House

“When we were getting ready to come back to the house for our second stay, Parker said he was so excited for our vacation,” says Casey Nash, mom to Parker.

Parker, 10, from Armuchee, Georgia, loves swimming, his tractor, and music. His older brother is a drummer in a band that competed on The Voice, and Parker’s favorite thing to do is go to their shows.

Parker was born prematurely and with cerebral palsy. He currently is learning how to walk and do other independent activities.

In February, Parker stayed with his family at our House near Scottish Rite for two weeks while he went through his first round of robotics therapy, and a second round has brought them back to our House.

Parker’s family appreciates not having to worry about a financial burden and traveling through traffic each day for therapy. “We are thankful that we are able to solely focus on Parker’s care and love the provided meals and activities, having a comfortable place to rest, and being around a community of families with similar circumstances,” Casey says.

Parker gets excited every time we bring in fresh flowers because he picks them out to give to Casey. He also loves to play on the Wii in the playroom and had a great time recently celebrating his 10th birthday at our House.

Parker’s parents love that he views our House as a vacation and are relieved that he can be happy here during his therapy. “Hearing him call the House a vacation lifts the burden off our shoulders and is a true testament of the experience Atlanta RMHC provides families,” Casey says.

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