Alexandra smiling in front of the House

Volunteer Spotlight: Alexandra Thim

Some hobbies catch your attention for a short while, but others become a lifelong habit. For Alexandra Thim, serving at Ronald McDonald House Charities is a long lasting tradition. Alexandra was first involved with Atlanta RMHC when our original Atlanta Ronald McDonald House was located on Houston Mill Road.

At that time she was the House Manager and encouraged her whole family to be part of the RMHC mission with her. Alexandra’s son was involved with the Teen Council and Alexandra’s daughter would often come to the House with Alexandra. She became fast friends with children staying at the House.

Though she eventually stepped out of her role as House Manager, Alexandra continued volunteering at our Houses whenever she could. After recently retiring, Alexandra realized she wanted a more consistent presence at Atlanta RMHC once again. And that’s what brought her to our House near Egleston each week!

“I wanted to be more involved with the House because I appreciated what RMHC was doing, helping the families, and I knew how important volunteers were for doing the little things: emptying the dishwasher, stocking the salt and pepper-shakers, watering the plants,” Alexandra said. “I am a doer! The first day I was there I organized the playroom with another volunteer. I like doing those things because it’s a load off of the staff and a blessing to the families. I have a real love and appreciation for the House. It’s fun to come back as a volunteer, I’ve missed it!”

Now, Alexandra spends a few hours every Thursday at our House near Egleston. She feels most productive when she can do the necessary things so that staff can keep their focus on the families staying at the House.



“The families come in and they are tired and worn out from long days spent at the hospital, but when they return they have a comfortable place- a friendly place to stay- and it means so much to them,” says Alexandra.

She fondly remembers the families that came to stay at the original Atlanta House on Houston Mill Road. Alexandra recollects being so glad they lived in our House because she felt they deserved the comfort of being with other families, having a chance to interact with them and not feeling so alone during their child’s sickness.

“The Ronald McDonald Houses are a place for people to come together during a crisis; it is a place where any family can have a “home-away-from-home.” They can interact with each other and not feel so alone. It’s a safe place, a refuge. I like that the best.”

Alexandra brings a lifelong passion to our House. She helps our House be an oasis of safety, warmth and comfort for families in a time when they desperately need it. We appreciate our volunteers and, with their help, we continue to keep families close.