A person cooking for RMHC

Volunteer Spotlight: Ms. Irma

On the final day of Volunteer Appreciation month, we want to recognize Ms. Irma! She is described as a “true angel” by our Volunteer Services Managers and all of Atlanta RMHC has a special place in their hearts for this amazing, dedicated long-time volunteer.

For about 30 years, Miss Irma has made a delicious and soulful home cooked meal at our House near Egleston on the first Wednesday of every month. Miss Irma spends the entire week prior to her Atlanta RMHC meal night at her own home putting together a delicious meal for our families. The delicious spread usually includes everyone’s favorite southern cooking: salmon, baked chicken, collard greens, cornbread, and much more!

Full of energy, Miss Irma would then go work a night shift at the Atlanta Airport after serving our families. Sadly, this past year Miss Irma suffered from a stroke, but as she continues to recover day to day, she endlessly sends her love to our Houses. After recovering, she hopes to come back to our families and continue her “first Wednesday tradition.” Families and staff at ARMHC send Miss Irma best wishes with her recovery and look forward to her return!

Irma Family

Pictured above: Ms. Irma’s family attended our Volunteer Appreciation Event in honor of Irma. They received our “Virginia Ogle” award on her behalf, which represents compassion, dedication, kindness and is an honored award we’ve started this year in memory of Ms. Irma’s dear friend and fellow volunteer, Virginia Ogle.


Pictured above: Irma and Virginia together at our Volunteer Appreciation Event in 2016 at our Atlanta Ronald McDonald House near Scottish Rite. They were dear friends and fellow volunteers.