How to HULLABALOO! with Us

Before March 31, if you are playing virtually, you will receive your game booklet(s) delivered to your front door.

Everyone, please ensure that you are playing on the page number corresponding to the correct round (i.e. Round 1 = Page 1). Color in the words on your game board when you hear them called.

The words will be broadcast on the screen. If all the words on your game board have been called in and colored in for that round, shout HULLABALOO! If you are in-person, you stand up and shout HULLABALOO!

If you are playing virtually, unmute yourself by clicking the microphone button on the bottom left of your screen then yell HULLABALOO! to get everyone’s attention. Our emcee will ask you to share your game booklet on camera to check your words.

We will write the first three winner’s names on slips of paper, drop in a basket, and pull at random. Guests will watch the entire process on screen.

*Note: if you are having sound difficulties with the mic/speakers, use the chat feature and type the word HULLABALOO!

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