“Billy feels at home at the Ronald McDonald House and really loves Betty Lou,” Molly says. “Atlanta Ronald McDonald House is truly our home away from home. The financial implications of over 500 nights is a huge burden that we don’t have to worry about bearing.”

Molly Johnson, Mom to Billy and Annie

The Johnsons Stays Through the Years

Houston Mill House


Our first stay at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House was actually at the Houston Mill House before Billy was born, when we came for pre-natal consults and a fetal echocardiogram in September 2007. We stayed at the Emory Inn and came to the Houston Mill House for meals and laundry from January 2 to March 21, 2008, for a total of 79 nights.

Billy Johnson


Billy was born on January 22, 2008, and had open heart surgery on January 23, 2008. His heart transplant was on February 21, 2008.

Billy Johnson and Ronald


The Ronald McDonald House near Egleston on Gatewood Road opened later in 2008. We have stayed at the Gatewood House multiple times through the years for Billy’s heart caths, infusions, treatments, and clinic visits.

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At 4 years old, Billy needed an additional transplant. But luckily, I, was a perfect match. I underwent major invasive surgery to give Billy a kidney — and we recovered together in the transplant wing at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House near Egleston. Learn more at https://armhc.org/blog/meet-johnson-family-blog/.


Billy's first kidney transplant was on December 14, 2012 — we spent Christmas and Billy's 5th birthday at the Gatewood House in the transplant suites. We came home around March 1, 2013, after 71 nights.

Taxes and the Johnsons


Billy's second kidney transplant was on February 18, 2020. He was readmitted four times afterwards for complications — all during COVID-19. We were at the Gatewood House from February 16 to May 21, for a total of 95 nights. Learn more about this stay at https://armhc.org/blog/a-dads-gift-to-his-son/.

“I rest better when I am in this House than I do when I am in my own house. And, why is that? Because I know that I am less than 5 minutes away from the people who know him best and can care for him best.”

Molly Johnson