Allen Stegall

2018 Annual Report: Allen Stegall

Together with Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities since 2011

Allen Stegall says he was surprised to learn just how many families Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities has helped through the years and is still amazed at what can be accomplished when committed people come together for one cause.

“We are all here with one goal in mind: to nurture the health and well-being of children and families by providing them a safe, comfortable place to stay. Providing them accommodations and meals removes a hardship so that they can focus on their child.”

Connections that mean so much

“You experience a direct connection with the families you serve. You meet and talk to families. You can see and hear the appreciation in their faces and voices. It warms my heart that during this time of uncertainty, they thank us for the House. There is nothing better in the world than knowing you are helping someone who is worried about the health of their child.”   

Join us and continue the mission

“It doesn’t take much in terms of either money or time in order to make a huge impact. I promise that you will receive 10 times personal enrichment by getting engaged with Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities.”