Chris Marinac

2018 Annual Report: Chris Marinac

Together with Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities since 1995

A longtime ally, Chris Marinac serves on the Board of Directors, but his time as a volunteer began even before he had children of his own. After fatherhood, he realized the blessing of healthy children and imagined the heartache that pediatric illness and trauma brings to families.

“It sinks in deeply just how many lives are touched by one night, one week, one month at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses. It’s incredible the scope and impact we have on those who visit for serious medical care.”

Togetherness is the heart of it all

“A child’s sickness can tear apart a family, so any way to keep families together in a calm and loving environment is a game-changer. This is a key component of our mission, and it evolves every day since the local and regional medical needs continue to grow.”

“I have also observed that families collaborate with each other. They share their knowledge and recognize that they are not alone, sharing the same struggles, hopes and dreams. The sense of community is intense.”   

Join us and continue the mission

“Without the Houses, there would be parents and kids sleeping in their cars—literally; no joke.  We provide shelter, a warm meal, and a place to be calm while children receive critical medical care. All contributions make an impact. Your time, your talent and treasures are all appreciated.”