The Savage Family

Alumni Family Loves to Volunteer Together

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, when we salute and honor the many dedicated and gracious volunteers, who help support our mission of helping families access equitable medical care and heal together.

Meet some of the volunteers who help care for our families. To all our volunteers, thank you for your unwavering support.

Diane, Jim, and Victor Savage

Alumni family members, Diane, Jim, and Victor Savage have been volunteering with Atlanta RMHC for the past year.

Diane and Jim stayed at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House 24 years ago, while their son, Victor, was treated at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“We will never forget our time as a family that needed help, so now we want to try to help the others,” Diane says. When they moved to Atlanta, they got involved at our Atlanta Houses.

The Savages love to be able to help our staff and our families, and Victor especially enjoys sorting food and items in the supply room.

Diane, Jim, and Victor say Atlanta RMHC is a great charity helping families in need by providing them with meals and a place to stay close by the hospital.

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