Back-to-School Crafting with the Red Shoe Society — Atlanta

Join our Red Shoe Society members in a back-to-school craft, complete with inspirational messaging. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Red Shoe Members

Red Shoe Society members work on the back-to-school craft kit for our families.

Angel Glover, Red Shoe volunteer chair, says the executive committee have been working on craft kits this year because volunteer opportunities have been limited by the pandemic.

“These kits are response to COVID and still wanting to have a tangible impact on the Ronald McDonald House guests, specifically children, Red Shoe worked closely with the volunteer coordinators to develop a craft kit model,” Angel says. “These kits are prepared by volunteer coordinators and Red Shoe members, are accompanied by a brief instructional video, and are distributed between both House locations for families to pick up and use at their leisure.”

This Back-to-School activity is the fourth installment this year. “Our aim is to look forward to the upcoming school year and encourage children, whether patients or siblings, to be excited for all the new things they will learn in 2021-2022,” Angel says.

Red Shoe members Amanda Guthrie, Alex Miller and Kendell Miller helped with these kits and videos.


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