Red Shoe Rocking the House

FUN with a Purpose for Angel Glover

Angel Glover’s involvement with Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities has earned her a singular distinction. She attends most fundraising events and  activities. Serving on the Executive Committee in 2021 and now president of the Red Shoe Society — Atlanta, she engages other young professionals to put on their red shoes and keep moving for the well-being of children and families.

When moving to Atlanta in 2018, she immediately searched for ways to meet people, and just anything would not do. Already aware of the Ronald McDonald House, she researched the local Houses online for ways to become involved. Then, she attended a Halloween craft event and got hooked.

The Red Shoe Society supports the Houses with volunteering and social events and provides young professionals with networking opportunities.

“It’s a good way to meet people who share common interests and the same values,” Angel says. “I enjoy meeting people like that and building relationships that way in a big city.”

The pandemic disrupted the society’s activities, primarily because members could not volunteer in person. But it also reenergized the group’s creativity and focused its goals.

For example, members continued providing craft activities for the children by gathering supplies and making individual kits. They included instructions along with a short how-to video and delivered them.

More remote and virtual engagement provided our community a unique opportunity to engage volunteers on a deeper level, Angel says. “Digging deeper and getting more engrained with people who care about making a difference is exciting.”

She’s also glad that dinners prepared by in-person volunteers at the Houses are returning in 2022. These dinners are a favorite activity for Angel, who enjoys hearing the families’ stories. 

And all those activities she attends? She says she has a great time. But, again, she likes talking to people about the Ronald McDonald House because so many don’t know its unique purpose.

“I love being involved with the Ronald McDonald House because it is a meaningful organization whose sole mission is to keep families close during the hardest of times.”

Red Shoe Society leaders2021 Executive Committee

  • President: Kendell Miller (center)
  • Volunteer Chair: Angel Glover (left)
  • Social Chair: Alex Miller (right)
  • Membership Chair: Amanda Guthrie