House Near Scottish Rite a Blessing for Tyrcha Family and Son Dalton

On February 18, 2019, life changed for the Tyrcha family from Ormond Beach, Florida. Son Dalton, 18, was involved in an auto accident after letting a friend drive his truck.

“Dalton was the passenger and his side took the brunt of it. We fully believe Dalton did not have his seatbelt on,” says Dalton’s mom, Wendy. “This resulted in Dalton having a Traumatic Brain Injury. We have been in Atlanta since March and at the Ronald McDonald House since April.”

Dalton has been receiving treatment in the inpatient rehabilitation program at the Shepherd Center and Shepherd Pathways from March until August. Since then he has been receiving outpatient rehab services five times a week at Shepherd, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

“Staying at the House near Scottish Rite has removed a burden off my family,” Wendy says, including not having to worry about a roof over their heads or meals.

“The beds are comfy; the place is serene; it’s nice,” Wendy says. “I’ve made a lot of friends here that I will have for a lifetime, because the families who are here with you become your family as well. We are blessed to have the Ronald McDonald House.”

Dalton loves the game room, Betty Lou and watching TV as things he has enjoyed the most. Some of his favorite TV shows are SpongeBob, Wrestling, NASCAR, and Teen Titans – who could blame him?

Dalton’s mom struggles with being away from the rest of her family. “It makes me feel torn,” Wendy says, “but Dalton is who needs me the most right now.”

Dalton’s father and sister visit as often as they can on the weekends. They try to go out and enjoy activities as a family, now that Dalton is able to tag along.

Now that Dalton is an outpatient, he and his mom had a mother-son date night and saw “It 2” with a movie gift card they won in one of our gift card raffles.