Corrie Eavenson

It’s Pajama Time! Corrie Eavenson Continues to Share Her Appreciation Five Years Later

Corrie Eavenson, 7, is well known around our Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses for sharing pajamas and a special bond with, Addison, who, along with Corrie, was diagnosed with biliary atresia as an infant.

“We are both from Tampa, so to have another friend in the same city with a daughter with the same liver disease is crazy,” says Paige, Corrie’s mother. On top of sharing all of these similarities, both girls received news within two days apart that they would get their life-saving liver transplants.

Paige and Corrie show their appreciation for Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities each year with an annual pajama drive celebrating Corrie’s ‘Liver-ersary.’

“We wanted to do something to remember her liver transplant,” Paige says. “We never wanted it to become something that just happened. We wanted to honor those who supported us and helped us get to this stage in Corrie’s life.”

“We decided to do a pajama drive because sometimes you had to go to the hospital with what you had on your back and what way to feel better than a nice new set of pajamas,” Paige says.

Paige and Corrie are grateful for the home away from home Atlanta RMHC provided to help Corrie heal after her liver transplant. Corrie’s favorite part about the House during her recovery was the playroom. She enjoyed playing dress up, which often led to late nights.

Paige uses one word, “hopeful,” to describe Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities. “It gave us hope to get back to normalcy,” she adds.

Today, Paige and Sherry, Addison’s mother, connect through social media. “It was awesome to have a friend to heal with, and I am extremely grateful that our families were brought together,” Paige says.

After recovering from her transplant, Corrie now participates in basketball and swimming. “There was so much life after her transplant,” Paige says.


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